Time Management

I must confess, I’m not that good at managing my time. But here is what I’m trying.

1. Actually use a paper calendar. There is something about a pencil and paper that helps me organize and retain information. I purchase a planner every year. The first thing I do is enter important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Then as doctor’s appointments, meetings, webinars, Zoom calls, deadlines, and the like arise, I plug them in. It sits right here on my desk and I can see it at a glance, and I can grab it when I leave the house for meetings and appointments.

2. Plan out your day. I must admit, this is difficult for me. As a creative, I jump from this and that throughout the day. I need to take my own advice here. Have deadlines? Can you finish them early in case emergencies come up? Schedule in procrastination time. Yep! Write it down and take advantage, but watch that time. This I do each morning while having my coffee. I play my game for a bit before I get to my emails. Now, here is the big one for me. One project at a time. Ugh! Not only am I an aspiring novelist, but I am a poet, photographer, and musician. I have two gigs coming up, and I need to get ready for them – choosing music, making PowerPoint slides, and practicing hours and hours. But I also have a deadline for three poetry ebooks I want completed and ready for sale before Valentine’s Day, which includes meeting with my illustrator and the all-dreaded marketing. Anyway, fill in that schedule with study time, continuing education, reading (a must if you are a writer), conferences, webinars, and anything else you need to accomplish. I have too many plates spinning. I need to prioritize. Do you have that problem, too?

3. At least one day a week, find time to rest. I try not to work on Saturday and Sunday when my hubby has his time off. It’s important to schedule time for your loved ones. It is also gravely important for you to have downtime. We need to rest and recoup for the next work week. I go to church to refresh the spirit and I take a nap if my mind and body need it.

Hopefully, this is helpful to you. It’s a good reminder for me.


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