A Halloween Haunting

I accepted a challenge to write thirteen poems for Halloween. Not my normal, but fun anyway. Here is the second of two promised to you.

A Halloween Haunting
~ Kaci Riney (C) 2022
Lightning flashed, the crypts displayed
As two strolled where dead were laid
Pausing where the friends they knew
Rested there, graves stones askew
But tonight the gathering
Unalive yet, staggering
The unearthed dead walked along
Like zombies toward the wicked throng
Demons danced while witches sang
Goblins, ghouls—a monstrous gang
Werewolves howled, and vampire fang
Dripped with blood while cackles rang
Halloween, the terror night
When ghosts groan and warlocks fright
With moon full, now leaves this brood
To creep inside your neighborhood
So beware, my little friend
They desire to cause your end

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