Living My Advice

Do we live the way we say we do? Do we wear figurative masks as well as literal ones? Are we the same at home as we are at work or church? Are we taking the advice we give to others? Living it out, walking your talk is easy when all is well in your life. But what about the hard times, the difficult decisions, the scary diagnosis? Well, I must say, I try to do as I say I do. We all fall short, sometimes, don’t we?
It’s been a challenging two years for me, health-wise, with shoulder issues, hip issues, and migraines. Add that I just had a biopsy on a rather large growth in my throat (have I mentioned that I am a singer?), and am awaiting the results. Then, let’s add that my doctor would like to do autoimmune disease testing and another MRI on my lower back. Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget COVID-19. I am high risk. Since February, we haven’t seen our daughters or grandchildren and probably won’t for Christmas. And on top of all this, we expect another grandbaby (YAY!) before the end of the year and won’t be able to be there if all this lockdown stuff continues. UGH! Oh, and my husband’s work is going through lay-offs. On and on, the rhetoric can go. Whine, whine, whine, complain, complain, complain!
Not trying to whine and complain, just trying to paint the picture. (Squirrel! Maybe, I need to sit and paint or draw a while.)
I watched my parents go through some pretty tough times: i.e., losing their parents, losing a son to cancer, both my parents had cancer, my dad’s massive heart attack, their kids going off the deep end, raising a disabled grandson. I watched. Did I see tears? Yes. Frustration? Yes. Faith? Absolutely!
Am I scared? Yes. Am I frustrated with the pain that can’t be alleviated? Yes. Do I have faith? YES! I trust that God is good and is working things out for my good. What does that mean? It means to live is Christ and to die is gain. I need to trust that God has a plan, that He is sovereign. His thoughts and ways are higher than mine. He sees the big picture.
The question is, have I fought the good fight? Have I run the race well? Have I lived out my purpose? Am I living and breathing the things eternal? Am I believing and living out my faith in my everyday existence? I think I am. So, between now and my medical test results, and afterward, I know I have much to finish, so I will strive to do so.

I’m working on my songs, my poetry, my book. I’m meditating on scripture to keep calm. I’m praying in faith and believing for a good outcome. I am doing my best to shine the light of Christ and season the world with the salt of the truth.
Wearing my mask literally, not figuratively. Walking my talk. Sometimes, it’s difficult, but I’m listening to my own advice. 🙂

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