New Year Resolution

Any new year resolutions out there? I have never really been someone who keeps them. So, a few years ago, I started just setting goals. Isn’t that the same thing? Thanks for asking. For me, not really. I used to beat myself up for not keeping to my resolutions, but I can work toward goals.
Now, each year, I look at the goals I had for the year before and celebrate my victories. I rewrite the ones I am still working on for the coming year and categorize them into my life sections.
Section one is devoted to spiritual health–to God and my personal relationship with Him. If I’m going to have a relationship, I have to spend time developing and nurturing it. So my goals consist of worshipping daily, praying, and reading God’s Word. You really can’t know God unless you read His Word. It is His story of love toward His creation–us. Praying isn’t one-sided. It’s communicating. The Bible says that His sheep hear His voice. So, I pray, and I listen throughout the day for His direction. Worshipping keeps me focused on what truly matters and starts my day with love, foremost in my thoughts. I also include in this section to hang out with God-centered like-minded people.
Section two is devoted to family health. First and foremost, my wonderful husband–date nights and thoughtful actions. A commitment to love and support him every day. Then to my children and grandchildren. Then to my extended family and how I might nurture these relationships.
Section three is devoted to personal health. Eating right, exercising, and the like.
Section four is devoted to mental health—mindful, godly meditation, including Philippians 4:4-8 as my focus. I used to worry about everything as a people pleaser–scenario building and such. But, this passage is part of my healing process. I continue in it with purpose. Scripture memorization for comfort in times of weakness or trial; playing the piano to decrease stress, and speaking blessing over myself and my family each day adds such a tremendous spoken positivity to my life. Decluttering around the house is also a decluttering of the mind, so that is a must.
Section five is devoted to my career–my specific arts, singing, songwriting, instruments in which I play, and teaching myself to play. Writing my novel, short stories, my blog, and education are within this section. Also, building my social media platform and all that entails.
Section six is devoted to things that I just love–reading, music, drawing, painting.
After composing these sections, I add sublists to breakdown what I wish to accomplish and how often to do things, and if these goals have timelines for contests.
Once the goal setting is done, I plug things into my calendar. Now, this is where it gets fuzzy. I am not a list maker. I don’t really follow them much either. But, there are a few things that have become routine. I do check my list, and I do give it thought and act upon it. However, I am not a stickler. I know what I want to accomplish, but don’t beat myself up for not getting it done. I am a procrastinator. I know that about myself. I give myself grace. I also suffer from constant pain, usually in the 7-10 level area. So I give myself grace, and I am actually surprised that I get as much done as I do.
Each day, I aim to accomplish something–a step toward a big goal like finishing my novel, or a small goal like writing my weekly blog, which, hey, I have now finished.
I look forward to seeing what I might accomplish this year. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13
Blessings for a great year of achieving your goals!

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