One Life to Live

Dark Shadows creep into The Days of Our Lives as the Edge of Night snuffs out our Guiding Light. The Bold and The Beautiful slink into these shadows in Dallas, looking for love in all the wrong places. They look for a better life—a Dynasty in another world. But As The World Turns, we Search For Tomorrow, a better tomorrow, for All My Children—The Young And The Restless ones, and the gentle in spirit.

Ryan’s Hope continues to fall in the COVID ward at General Hospital in Santa Barbara, but my friends, we only have One Life to Live.

You think I jest, I do to some degree, but then again, isn’t this how life has been for many, dark shadows and all?

While some of the world goes crazy, the rest of us are just doing our jobs, keeping our heads down. Work needs to get done. Songs need to be composed and sung. Books need to be written and read. Food needs to be prepared and eaten. The list goes on.

2020 is over, but what are our marching orders? Forward. I say, let us not grow weary, but press on. If you’ve done your part, there is no need to worry over the future. You may think I am daft for saying so but think about it. What can you possibly do to change another person’s mind? Certainly nothing by belittling them or bullying them. Change the state of our country? Certainly not by breaking down the doors of Congress or looting and destroying other people’s property. Fix the economy? I can’t even go there. There have been too many big and small businesses smothered out by state mandates.

What can you do? Your job. Be the best at what you do. Make a difference. Pay it forward. Be a help to someone in need. And pray.

You’re not a praying person, you say. Maybe it’s time to start. Whether things are going your way or not. Praying is an excellent way to start the day, end the day, and perhaps even make your way throughout the day. If you are lonely or depressed and need a listening ear, pray. If you are having a hard day and you need to talk to someone about it, pray. If you are sick and scared, pray. If you are having a fabulous day and want to tell someone about it, pray.

God is there.

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